Enza Home is Yataş Group's furniture, mattress and home textiles concept brand.
NEW COLLECTION - VIENNA TV UNIT Enriching smooth form transitions with rose-gold metal ends, Vienna TV Unit brings timeless romantic touches to living spaces. BROWSE
NEW COLLECTION - FORTUNA LIVING ROOM Offering a stylish example of the new generation sofa designs shaped with supreme comfort in living spaces, Fortuna Living Room complements its contemporary style with functional details. BROWSE
SONA DINING ROOM Combining the contemporary design with simple but effective details, SONA DINING ROOM reinterprets living spaces with its timeless elegance. Light walnut colour surfaces add a sophisticated touch to the design when they are combined with the series-specific bronze handles. Offering extendable and fixed table alternatives and extra storage space in the sideboard, the drawer application stands out with its rich functional details. BROWSE

You may find all Enza Home and Yataş Bedding product and campaign catalogs here.

SIRONA TV UNIT Sirona TV UNIT, which attracts attention with its combination of walnut and anthracite colours that add a noble and stylish touch to the design, creates a refined and rich atmosphere with its eye-catching details. BROWSE
ENLARGE LIVING ROOM Various Decoration with New Generation Dimensions Enza Home, which creates spaces with aesthetic power and its functional designs for the changing needs of modern city life, is signing qualified spaces with its new generation living room series. The EnLarge Living Room inspired by the various decoration styles that gives the interior a stylish charm; carries aesthetic, simple and functional style codes to living spaces. BROWSE
HOME DECORATION GUIDE FOR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOMES Enza Collection that makes a difference with its designs and inspiring decoration suggestions for homes are on the Enza Home Book 2022! BROWSE
ENZA HOME LIGHTENS YOUR HOME Attracting attention with its designs that add elegance, comfort and functionality to living spaces, Enza Home is bringing extraordinary designs to homes with its lighting collection. BROWSE

Yataş Bedding is the sales point of "Sleeping Health" and "Bedroom Decoration World" of Yataş in which mattresses, box springs, pillows, quilts, home textiles, white beddings, a certain number of sofabed and bedroom decoration combinations with complementary products are sold.

YATAŞ PROJECTS Yataş, the innovative brand of the industry provides design and applications for many businesses from hotels to hospitals, dormitories to guest houses. It combines your corporate identity with quality thanks to the exclusive designs at locations such as rooms, lobbies and meeting rooms. BROWSE
Enza Home is a concept brand offered by Yataş Group to create new lifestyles. Enza Home shapes life with its products ranging from dining rooms to bedrooms furniture, mattresses, textiles and accessories, and brings different lifestyles to your home with its modern and innovative approach.
Enza Home is taking firm steps towards becoming a global company with its developing technologies and product quality since the day it was founded. Today, Yataş Group is exporting to more than 50 countries
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