Yataş continues to expand globally every year with its quality and innovative and functional design philosophy.

Yataş invites you to join its long-term, high-profit and prestigious chain of franchise that will help you grow your business quickly. 

Depending on their investment and profit expectations in their region, a prospective franchise can enjoy the following advantages

Once they commit to becoming a part of the Yataş Group franchise system through Enza Home, Yataş Bedding, or both:

  • The strength of an international brand that exports to over 45 countries on five continents,
  • High brand recognition; renewing and developing brand identity,
  • Strong brand recognition and a brand identity that continuously renews itself and develops,
  • A wide range of products that cover all home and life styles: mattresses, duvet covers, sitting groups, dining sets, corner sets, bedrooms, home textiles and pillows.
  • Furniture products designed by famous designers that appeal to a wide audience in terms of both style and price,
  • Product designs that become trendsetters in the industry,
  • A legacy that speaks to the Yataş brand's leadership and expertise, and a furniture brand perception that grows continuously from this legacy and that aims to differentiate itself from competitors


  • The advantage of owning a strong, modern brand in both Turkey and the world that can fulfill different expectations and create demand, 
  • The pride of representing a store of an expert institution in its field and a prestigious brand in its region.
  • Prospective franchise can contact us by filling out the form below.
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